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LIFE Programme of the European Union
The project
Cutting-edge technology, enhanced living
LIFE iTS4ZEB (Integrated Thermal energy Storages for Zero Emission Buildings) is poised to develop and demonstrate next-generation Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technologies. These solutions are not only long-term but also compact, high-performing, and cost-effective, ushering in a new era of home climate control.
Sustainability at the core
At the core of our solution is a multi-source heat pump combined with Phase Change Materials (PCM) optimized by novel control algorithms.
Adaptable solutions for every setting
Our flexible approach ensures applicability across a spectrum of buildings, whether new or renovated, poorly or well-insulated.
Real-world demonstrations across Europe
Deploying 50 independent demonstrators across 10 European countries, we validate the modularity, scalability, and feasibility of our technology in real-life contexts.
Towards mass production
INNOVA, our driving force, aims to produce a pre-series in the final configuration and kickstart production/sales of the first 500 units.
International collaboration for a sustainable future
Collaborating with a diverse, international, multi-disciplinary consortium, our project goes beyond technology development. Dedicated exploitation tasks ensure rapid market penetration, making our demonstrated solutions widely applicable.
Goals and objectives
Unlocking innovation in every corner
In essence, our project represents a significant leap towards achieving the ambitious goals set by the LIFE Climate area
Enhance environmental policy knowledge
Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.
Catalyzing climate integration
ITS4ZEB seeks to seamlessly integrate climate objectives into various Union policies and practices, both in the public and private sectors.
Transforming HVAC technologies
The results of ITS4ZEB will reshape European industrial investments in eco-innovative HVAC technologies.
Set Standards for Reduced emissions
ITS4ZEB is positioned to contribute to the establishment of new Union-level standards aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Raising Environmental Awareness
At the core of ITS4ZEB is a commitment to broaden awareness among private and public stakeholders.
Six partners to build a sustainable future
A strategic alliance of six partners coming from the private and public sectors to join forces for a groundbreaking research Initiative
Project information and data
Everything you need to know about this project
How is the project financed?
The project is financed by the project partners and thanks to the grant of the LIFE Programme of the European Union. EU FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION 1.994.058,42€
Currently, we work in collaboration with a diverse group of strategic partners that include companies, non-profit organizations and academic institutions. Our main partners include INNOVA SRL, UNIVERSITY OF PADOVA, THERMALINK, EURAC, STUDIO FIESCHI & SOCI SRL e PANASONIC MARKETING EUROPE Gmbh (PANASONIC).
The official name of the project is Integrated Thermal energy Storages for Zero Emission Buildings
The official acronym of the project is LIFE22-CCM-IT-LIFE ITS4ZEB
The project started on 1 September 2023
The project duration is 42 months, estimated according to the complexity of the activities involved. Currently, we expect the project to be completed by 1 January 2027
The end result is the production of an innovative multi-source heat pump combined with PCM, optimized by novel control algorithms to maximize performance, renewable energy fraction, greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, cost savings, and energy system integration. For all solutions, advanced modeling and control approaches will be developed and integrated. Furthermore, to further mitigate the climate impact of our solution, the heat pump will be powered by a nearly-zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) propane R290 heat-exchanging fluid.
ITS4ZEB’s groundbreaking results promise to significantly reduce future energy bills for EU citizens. With achievable renewable energy targets exceeding 70% in the mid-term, the integrated control system opens the door to full self-consumption, becoming a driving force for widespread iTES technology adoption across Europe.
The work plan is structured in 8 WPs, the respective objectives are summarized hereafter:

ITS4ZEB isn’t just about technology; it’s a catalyst for financial and societal transformation. With the potential to trigger substantial investments, especially in building renovation, it aims to boost employment, GDP growth, and energy efficiency, contributing to the EU’s carbon neutrality targets by 2050. The societal impact is immense, with the potential to save billions in energy costs and create a sustainable future for European households.
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